Saturday, January 22, 2011


I find photographing sunsets to be unusually difficult. One problem is that the dynamic range of the view far surpasses what any camera can capture. As anyone who has taken a photo of a sunset knows, the preview image shown on your camera's LCD never lives up to what you see before you (I can't help think how film photographers without immediate feedback were more blissfully ignorant of this fact).

Another problem is that the sunset is constantly changing, so I always have the urge to keep snapping, never sure at which moment it has truly met its peek. Well, at least I have a solution to this last problem, which is to shoot video of a sunset and then speed it up, giving you 408 sunset snapshots in this 17 second HD video. Another benefit to this approach is that rather than think about taking picture after picture of a sunset, I can relax and take it all in while the camera does the work.


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