Saturday, February 5, 2011

Matt Davis Trail

Today was another one of those incredible days. Middle of winter and the temperature got up to nearly 80°. It felt like Summer. Heck, Stinson usually gets quite a bit of fog during Summer, so today was even better than a typical summer day by the coast. Plenty of people had flocked to the beach, and Mt. Tam.

The warm weather continues to trick the wildflowers, who are coming out early. These yellow flowers were all over, especially on sunny roadsides.
I headed up the Matt Davis trail, lush with green grass. Even the poison oak has arrived early - isn't it lovely?
Some vetches are starting to appear. The flowers eventually turn into pea pods.
I never get tired of the view from Table Rock on the Matt Davis trail.
I was especially excited to see the early arrival of one of my favorite flowers, Hound's Tongue. There were several prominent patches along the way.
Heading back to Stinson I took Steep Ravine, which has a few patches of trillium, with more sure to come.
Back down on the beach, I set up my camera and enjoyed a glorious sunset. It never got very chilly, even late into the night. Incredible day.
As the sun was setting, the layers of atmosphere distorted it, and I saw another green flash. Or maybe these should be called green floaters. Here's a good example of this type of flash on Wikipedia:

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