Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Road Trip Day 1: Road to Joshua Tree

As much as the Bay Area has more natural beauty than you can shake a stick at, there may be a few sights that require one to leave town. One such sight is the the desert. Road trip!

Starting out from San Diego, we drive East through towns like Descanso (famous for pickled eggs), Julian (famous for pies), and Borrego Springs. We arrive at the Salton Sea, once a tourist destination of some note, but now just a salty lake with beaches of dead fish and barnacle shells.

We learn that the fabled Ace of Spades club was actually just a movie set, and a visitor's center is now in its place.

Driving further into the desert we run across these interesting tall bushes known as Ocotillo. After some recent rain, the flowers are blooming.

We arrive in Joshua Tree around 4pm and look for a campsite. We end up at the Ryan Campground with a little time to explore some nearby ruins from when a spring was discovered and miners formed a small, isolated town in the middle of nowhere.

We light a fire (the desert is cold this time of year!) and make dinner. To pass the time we pull out the camera and start playing around with long exposures. Andy and I try writing out the first letters of our names with a flashlight.

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