Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow on Mt. Tam

If you live in the Bay Area, you surely hears that many of the surrounding peaks got snow, including a healthy amount on Mt. Tam. The incomparable John Wall has some photos here.

I was surprised to see quite a bit of snow still lingering around Rock Spring when I arrived two days later. Then again, it was still so cold up there, it really should have been no shock. Snowmen abound.
With the recent precipitation, the moss is really coming out. I always love seeing these thick, lush carpets of green covering trees and can never resist running my fingers through it.
The snow we checked out was around Rock Spring. I imagine there was a lot more up higher, but the road was closed, it was cold, and we weren't really dressed for snow.
So we headed down to Pan Toll for a little hike. One thing we saw a lot of were these little holes in the ground. They're like little tubes with spirals of pine needles sticking out of them. Quite a mystery, but my best guess is that spiders are making them. The tube structure could have been finely woven spider silk. Anybody know for sure?
The first calypso orchids are starting to appear. Here's a mature one alongside another just making its way out.

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